Provokame – SEED Case Studies Series


Demonstrating Sustainable Development on the Ground Through Locally-driven Eco-entrepreneurship

Social and environmental entrepreneurship, also known as green and inclusive entrepreneurship or eco-entrepreneurship, could play a critical role in achieving a global Green Economy. By embracing the added values of social improvement and wise resource management eco-enterprises that have won a SEED Award are living proof that entrepreneurial partnerships between various stakeholders can create innovative and novel solutions for delivering sustainable development at the grassroots and be economically sustainable. Over the last ten years, SEED has awarded nearly 180 SEED Awards to eco-enterprises in 37 countries. While the value of eco-entrepreneurship in delivering sustainable development is increasingly recognised and harnessed in the development sphere, there is still very little data available on the triple bottom line impact of these entreprises and their contribution to sustainable development. The SEED Case Studies are designed to help fill that gap by generating insights for policy and decisionmakers on the role of green and inclusive enterprises in achieving sustainable development, and on enabling factors that can help them overcome barriers and reach scale and replicate.

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